AtlasMark’s sister company, Employee Incentive Plans, Inc (EIP), is the trade name for our executive and employee retirement benefit services.  EIP has been designing and administering qualified retirement plans for corporations, partnerships, and self-employed individuals since 1974.  It is uniquely qualified to provide services to small and medium-sized employers, but is well-equipped in to meet the needs of larger employers as well.

With the technical knowledge, the same great people, and the synergy between AtlasMark & the EIP brand, our firm provides you with the personal level of assistance you need through the design, decision, and implementation process of implementing a qualified retirement plan.

Employee Incentive Plans, Inc (EIP)

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Plan Types

Whether you are trying to retain key employees or simply helping your employees save for retirement, plan sponsors have many qualified retirement plans to choose from.  The type of qualified plan that will be chosen, will depend upon your overall objectives.

Recently, business have started to turn to Defined Contribution (DC) plans to help their employees save for retirement. Many will recognize a DC plan as a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. A 401(k) allows the employee to save for retirement on a pre-tax basis and then permits the plan sponsor to create a matching program depending upon predefined criteria. It is a powerful tool both for the employer as well as the employee.

Overall, the process of choosing the most appropriate type of qualified retirement plan can become a daunting task. EIP walks clients through the entire process and helps to makes sure clients make the best decision for their business needs.

Retirement Plan Design

Careful consideration should be given to design a plan that can help maximize benefits for the intended parties.  Complex provisions and options may be utilized to create a retirement plan to meet the specific needs of your organization.

These plan design considerations generally involve:

  • Employee eligibility
  • Pre-tax and Roth
  • Automatic election
  • Employer funding
  • Vesting
  • Distribution options

Our sister company Employee Incentive Plans, Inc acts as the recordkeeper and administrator allowing us to create a bundled retirement plan package for you and your organization.  Please visit for additional information related to these services.

We Do It All For You

The regulatory landscape has dramatically changed in recent years, and fiduciary liability has become an increasingly burdensome responsibility for plan sponsors.  For our Executive & Employee Benefit Retirement Plan clients, we serve as an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager to the Plan.  This effectively creates a co-fiduciary relationship between you, the Plan and us.  Our goal is to make available solid, high-quality investment options to the Plan and provide you with sound, prudent investment insight, as well as to monitor and assess the Plan’s Designated Investment Alternatives menu.

Through our own proprietary review and monitoring system, we give powerful advice in an easy to understand format.  We provide our clients with an Investment Policy Statement designed to outline the framework for selecting, monitoring and maintaining the Plan’s core investment lineup.

Furthermore, for our retirement plan clients, EIP acts as the administrator and recordkeeper. Based upon the customized retirement plan sought out by a company, EIP will produce a plan document that details the specifics of that retirement plan. The IRS also requires plan sponsors to file a from 5500 with the IRS and other documents with the DOL. EIP will take care of all that for you as well as any compliance plan testing to ensure your retirement plan maintains it qualified status.

Throughout life of the plan, EIP will continue to educate and provide participant. EIP is available to facilitate contributions, loans, withdrawals, and any other question participants may have. As our firm strives to provide superior and personalized service, we typically have a representative from our office visit each of our clients and their employees in person to discuss the beneficial impact retirement plans can have on their future retirement.

Lastly, EIP uses sophisticated software allowing participants to log in to see their account balance at any time. In addition to the online portal, participants will receive periodical statements that specifies their account balance, rate of return, etc. If you are looking for someone to take care of all your retirement plan needs, Employee Incentive Plans, Inc (EIP) is here to help.