Physicians & Surgeons

AtlasMark has the utmost respect for our medical doctors and those who dedicate their careers to helping others. We take great pride in the fact that we have been entrusted to manage numerous physicians’ and surgeons’ wealth throughout Texas.

Many physicians believe if they can save a life, then managing money ought to be easy. However, this self-certainty eventually leads to countless mistakes. Compounded over many years, this could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars before they realize they need help. Physicians do not necessarily make more financial mistakes than the public at large, but because their salaries are three to four times that of the average person, mistakes are amplified.

As a physician, you have spent eight or more years developing your specialized knowledge and expertise. Thus, you have a shorter working life compared others and fewer years to compound your retirement nest egg. Additionally, your higher salary comes with increased tax, and you will likely receive little to no financial aid to fund your children’s college education. This makes it all the more important to properly invest your money sooner and to avoid costly financial blunders.

Our physicians typically produce an extra $50k – $750k on an after-tax basis each year, and our job is to protect, grow, and nourish that wealth. We have a long history of serving physicians, and over that time we have developed a unique system catered to the profession that has resulted in long-term financial success.

Business Owners

Successful business owners recognize the value of financial planning. Being responsible both for their families’ and businesses’ finances, most owners have experienced the benefits of executing a well-designed plan. Still, the idea of financial planning for business owners is highly complex and continues to evolve over time. Many business owners turn to AtlasMark’s expertise to help them manage their personal finances so that they can focus on building their business.

As a business owner, 70% to 80% of your assets are typically tied up in your business for the first ten years. As your business matures, we help you better diversify your portfolio as excess capital becomes available. We develop a systematic blueprint of dealing with these special issues, work with you on estate planning needs and offer personalized financial guidance catered uniquely for you as a business owner.

We have a team dedicated to designing, implementing and supporting small- to mid-sized business retirement plans (including profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, defined benefit plans, etc.). With our specialized ability and technical knowledge of retirement plans,  AtlasMark is able to create the most tax-efficient method of helping our business owners save for retirement.


As you prepare to retire, developing your withdrawal strategy is vastly different than when you were saving for retirement. Thus, many retirees become worried and unsure of how to handle their finances in retirement. It becomes a daunting task, and mistakes are easily made without trusted help. AtlasMark simplifies the retirement transition and has a proven record of helping retirees protect and grow their wealth.

It is important for you to have an objective financial advisor on your side through your retirement years because:

  • Financial abuse of the elderly and retired is a serious problem. One in five Americans age 65 and older have already been the victim of financial fraud, according to a 2010 survey by the Investor Protection Trust.
  • Retirees with substantial portfolios should consider an advisor. Financial planning should cover much more than traditional investment management. Spending, insurance, family and estate considerations merit significant attention that we offer.
  • Children whose parents are in their 70s or 80s should think of their financial advisor as an insurance policy protecting their parents’ estates and perhaps their own financial legacies from investment mistakes. As retirees age, their tendency to make poor investment decisions increases – even exponentially. Meeting with an objective financial advisor at least two or three times a year can be an invaluable early warning system of such mistakes.
  • “Notably, financial professionals may be among the first—sometimes the first—to detect a decline in their clients’ mental and physical capacity as they age or succumb to illness,” the FPA guide says. “Financial professionals may also be the first to detect evidence of financial abuse and exploitation from friends, neighbors, caregivers, as well as family members.”

We have both the experience and expertise to help guide you through wise financial decision-making through retirement.

Corporate Executives

Business executives work hard to secure financial stability for their families. Most have complex portfolios of investments spanning across family trusts, taxable investments, life insurance policies, 401(k) plans, stock options and more. They typically need help to fully understand what they have — and what they need to do — to secure a better financial future for their families.

The process begins by gaining a holistic understanding of your financial situation and goals. AtlasMark then implements tax-efficient strategies to reduce taxes on significant income, develops a game plan for early retirement and allocates capital into a diversified portfolio. Other services for executive clients of our private wealth management group include estate planning, insurance analysis, stock option planning and much more.

Inheritance Beneficiaries

If you are the recipient or beneficiary of an inheritance, it comes with an emotional connection that’s not generally associated with other potential windfalls. Your benefactors took the necessary steps to leave their legacy, so it should be an important consideration of yours to honor their legacy by being a responsible steward of their wealth.

If you have received or are anticipating an inheritance you are unsure how to manage, AtlasMark can help you feel confident, secure and in control.

It is important for you to have an objective financial advisor on your side when receiving an inheritance because:

  • Research shows a significant percentage of people who receive an inheritance spend most or all of it in two years or less. Let us to make sure this does not happen to you.
  • Beneficiaries need clarity on what they have received and how to protect and manage it going forward. We help organize and educate you on what you have received.
  • There are many legal, financial, and tax implications surrounding an inheritance. AtlasMark has a team of experts to address such issues.
  • Not all inheritances are treated the same. Some rules associated with receiving an inheritance are different for spouses than they are for a non-spouse. We sort through all those rules for you.
  • It makes a difference if you are receiving an inheritance coming from tax-deferred accounts (such as a IRAs, 401(k) plans, etc.)  compared to proceeds coming from taxable accounts.  In either scenario, we have created a process to minimize taxes on inherited proceeds.
  • Your benefactor may have owned a life insurance policy or annuity. Although both are issued by an insurance company, the rules are vastly different.  AtlasMark helps you understand how to invest annuity or life insurance proceeds.

We have both the experience and expertise to help guide you to wise financial decision-making as you go through this difficult time.


Finding an advisor is easy, however finding an advisory team with the credentials and extensive experience working with engineers and their often-unique financial situations, investments and insurance needs is no easy task. Fortunately for engineers, AtlasMark helps manage both the financial needs of bio-medical, electrical, mechanical, chemical and petroleum engineers.

Many of our clients work for companies that offer high salaries and outstanding employee benefits. Still, many of our clients earn excess wages that needs to be managed even after maximizing their 401(k)s. We help engineers take an extensive look into their companies’ benefits, including profit sharing plans, stock options and provide prudent advice on how to invest excess wages. As an engineer client in our private wealth management group, you will have access to our comprehensive financial planning services that have resulted in long-term success.

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